Get A New Website Designed, Hosted and Managed and Integrated with the Colossal CRM.


Does Colossal Provide Multiple Website Design Options?

Yes, we do.

You may need a basic landing page, a basic website or a complex website.

Whatever it is that your business requires, we can assist.

Do Colossal's Websites Come With SEO Foundations?

Yes, they do.

However, SEO requires ongoing work and we advise you to not expect SEO results based on SEO foundations alone.

We can support your business with website presence boosters, such as SEO and Google Ads, if your business would benefit from it.

What Does Website Integration With The Colossal CRM Mean?

We set up all websites to integrate with the Colossal CRM.

What this means is that your leads are automatically sent to the Colossal CRM, and put into workflows such as automatic emails and internal notifications to you and your team.

Does My Business Need To Use The Colossal CRM To Have A Website Designed and Supported By Colossal?


Our best work for our customers is with the systems we know and support.

So we only design websites that interact with the Colossal CRM.

What If I Get A Website Designed By Colossal, But Then I Stop Using The Colossal CRM?

You will need to migrate to systems outside Colossal.

We will provide support to help you with the migration, such as by providing extracts and doing what we can in the Colossal CRM.

However, any labour in systems that we do not specialise in will not be provided.


Speak with us about getting your website designed.