Get Your Business Digital Foundations Right With Colossal's Tech Stack Setup.


✔ Tech Stack Audit

✔ Google Workspace Setup

✔ Domain Clean Up and Setup

✔ Bitwarden Setup

✔ Colossal CRM Setup & Training

✔ Continous Enhancement


Tech Stack Audit

What's involved with the Tech Stack Audit.

We do an audit and assess your current tech stack setup to identify the gaps, and how the tech stack setup and clean up can be conducted properly for your business.

If you have a small start-up business, you probably have a very basic setup or no setup at all. This process is typically quick and easy for small start-ups and solopreneurs.

If you have an established business, you may have added on more and more accounts without fully considering how they all work together. This process is more involved for established businesses.

If you have a large business or multiple businesses that have software that works together, this is a more complex audit. We assess the current setup, and determine the best way forward to ensure your digital foundations are reset properly.

Google Workspace Setup

What's involved with the Google Workspace Setup.

We help you setup a Google Workspace account, which can be used for your primary business email addresses.

Google Workspace can also be used to setup alias domains and email addresses. This means business's get the same benefit of having multiple email addresses without paying more than they need to.

We set everything up in a way that allows both you and us to make changes, so we can support your business by giving you time back.

Google Workspace accounts integrate well with the Colossal CRM and other main platforms.

Google Workspace's ongoing charges are billed to your business separately. We set things up to be as cost-effective as possible, while enabling your business with the right functionality.

Domain Clean Up and Setup

What's involved with the Domain Clean Up and Setup.

Sometimes businesses register multiple domains with various providers. We clean up and centralise your business domains under the same account.

For a small start-up, this process is typically straightforward.

For established businesses with multiple domains, this process can be more complex.

Having a clean and centralised domain setup enables speed and agility in your business when digital work is required, such as integration with platforms.

Bitwarden Setup

What's involved with the Bitwarden Setup.

Say goodbye to being scared of hackers, losing your passwords and inefficiencies when your team needs login details.

Bitwarden provides a business password manager, where login details can be stored and shared securely.

Training on how to use Bitwarden appropriately in your business is provided.

Colossal CRM Setup & Training

What's involved with the Colossal CRM Setup & Training.

We set your business up in the Colossal CRM, which is a white labelled version of HighLevel that we provide advanced support with.

The Colossal CRM is a state-of-the-art sales and marketing pipeline CRM.

Never lose a lead, delegate tasks, track leads and record phone conversations and more!

Training videos are provided for you and your team so you can work with speed and autonomy with the Colossal CRM on an ongoing basis.

We also provide initial bespoke training for you and your team, so your business can start reaping the benefits of this powerful software from the get go.

Our ongoing Colossal CRM Access & Support plans include a range of support types so your business gets what it needs from the Colossal CRM.

Continuous Enhancement

What's involved with the Continuous Enhancement.

We constantly monitor to ensure your business has the right tech setup to adapt to the constantly changing digital environment.

Sometimes we manage the updates and changes at no extra cost.

However, sometimes the digital world requires significant changes. If this is what's required, we will contact you and let you decide how you want to proceed.


Tech Stack Light

For Small Start-Up Businesses
$ 497
  • Basic Tech Stack Audit & Setup
  • Prepare For Unlimited Scalability
  • Colossal CRM Access & Setup*
  • Continuous Enhancement*

Tech Stack Plus

For Established Small Businesses
$ 1,197
  • Advanced Tech Stack Audit & Clean Up
  • Prepare For Unlimited Scalability
  • Colossal CRM Access & Setup*
  • Continuous Enhancement*

Tech Stack Ultimate

For Large or Multiple Businesses
$ 2,000+
  • Complex Tech Stack Audit & Clean Up
  • Prepare For Unlimited Scalability
  • Colossal CRM Access & Setup*
  • Continuous Enhancement*


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