Sell Your Business To Colossal Or A Buyer That We Find You.


Why Sell Your Business With Colossal?

If you are working with us, we will know and understand your business and you will know and trust us.

By working with us, we may know your business and you and your team so well that we may buy it! Otherwise, we can potentially help you find a buyer.

I'm Too Focused On Growth To Think Of Selling Right Now

Firstly, it's a good thing you're focused on growing your business! We recommend building your business into something that you would enjoy working with for a long time.

The fact is, life changes. And the more options you have, the better.

By working with Colossal, you have a partner who is focused on helping you increase the value of your business and being a potential buyer for when the time eventually comes. And if we can't buy your business, we will help you find a buyer.*

*Subject to your business being a sellable.

I Don't Want To Sell My Business, That Sounds Like Too Much Hassle

It is estimated that only 30% of small businesses in the US successfully sell. This means 70% of small businesses shut down without a buyer or succession plan!

We believe that this is a tragedy.

Business owners face challenges, hard work and stress and they should be rewarded for their efforts.

But so many business owners don't engage long-term thinking, and miss out.

The business owners who play the long game prepare for a successful exit, which will be an attractive option eventually. We're here to support those type of business owners, whether they're just starting out or are running an established business.


Speak with us about selling your business.