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Should I Use SEO or Google Ads, or Both?

First off, you may be better off using something else!

SEO or Google Ads are not always right for every business.

For local service businesses, as a general rule we recommend using SEO if you are going for long term results and you're happy to sacrifice short-term gains.

SEO also incurs less of a monthly expense compared to what's required for Google Ads to really work (as a general rule and just our opinion).

Businesses who have the financial allocation for both can leverage both short-term gains through Google Ads, while building long-term foundations through ongoing SEO.

For advice on whether you should use SEO or Google Ads or both, contact us even if you just have some general questions.

When Should I Use Online Presence Boosters Instead of Meta Ads?

First things first, sometimes you're best using a combination to dominate the online market.

However, the way we describe the difference is Demand Capture vs Demand Generation.

Colossal's Online Presence Boosters, SEO and Google Ads, are Demand Capture. That is, they are used to capture the existing demand by your target market. For instance, a Google Ad that puts a lawncare business's website at the top of the Google page when your prospect searches "mow lawn"- that is capturing the demand that exists.

Meta Ads are generally used for Demand Generation. For instance, let's say your product or service solves a problem that your target customer has not searched Google for a solution. By advertising your product or service to them proactively, you may get them thinking about the problem and then they engage with you.

That is Demand Generation. There was no or minimal demand in your prospect, but by being proactive and putting an ad in front of them, they start desiring a solution to the problem and then they engage with you.

We can also conduct assessments to estimate ongoing demand for your product or service in your target market, which can help determine which strategies may be suitable for your business.

Does Colossal Provide Different Levels of SEO and Google Ads Services?

Yes, we do.

Currently all our SEO and Google Ads services are provided on a customised basis.

As such, there is no set pricing we have on our website.

Get in contact to see if our SEO or Google Ads services may be useful for your business.


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