My name is Matthew Arthur. I founded Colossal Growth in 2022.

Back then it was called Colossal Digital Marketing. In 2023, we changed the name to Colossal Growth Strategies.

We finally became Colossal Growth in 2024 (we got there eventually)! The team and I usually call it "Colossal" for short.

I call myself a Seasoned Wantrepeneur. Why? Because I run Colossal in addition to my day job.

For now, anyway.

I remember when I was scared that prospects might be turned off because I wasn't working on the business full time... like it was a bad thing to not resign before starting a business.

Then I learned that Phil Knight worked full time as an accountant to fund Nike. If he could work full-time while building Nike into what it is today, then what's my excuse?

As you can probably tell by Colossal's first name, we started as a digital marketing agency.

As I got into the business and digital marketing world, I discovered things that didn't sit right with me.

For instance, I noticed that the world is always changing fast, and that means growth strategies need to adapt. But a lot of digital marketing agencies were taught to focus on one thing. What if that thing stops working?

In 2023 I was watching a YouTuber who specialises in Meta Ads. He said that most agencies focus on short-term wins to meet their guarantee.

This statement gave me that gut-wrenching feel in my stomach. When that happens, that usually means there's truth behind what was said.

I looked at our offer. Our offer structure did exactly that... it incentivised us to meet our guarantee, rather than focus on long-term business growth.

That's when I knew we had to do something different.

I've always been a big believer in win-wins. And I've been wanting to get into business acquisitions to build a portfolio.

I thought about my willingness to buy and grow businesses. I realised this is something businesses could leverage, in addition to our experience in business growth.

Offering to buy businesses is a win for our customers because Colossal can help them grow their business and potentially buy them.

And heck, if it doesn't make sense for us to buy their sellable business, we can find a buyer. They can skip the hassle of going to the business broker.

This also means that Colossal provides its customers with a holistic investor-approach.

If we are going to potentially buy a business, we want to help it achieve sustained growth.

I am excited for our current potential business acquisitions in the pipeline, including two family manufacturing businesses (but that's still a while away)!

I have an obsession with learning new skills, and understanding how everything works (for better or for worse).

That means our customers don't just get a standard service. They get specialised help.

It really gets me going when a customer brings us a problem we haven't solved before. That gives us the opportunity to learn new skills and provide an unforgettable customer experience.

I'll be real. By helping our customers with so many issues, we are missing out on short-term revenue. If we provide a simple rinse-and-repeat product, we would scale faster.

But we're here for the long game.

By helping businesses with various aspects of their business, we can build the skills, people and connections to achieve unmatched agility.

The only way to commercially justify the time investment into solving these problems is to have a long term goal that ties into this.

That's where business acquisitions and building a portfolio comes in.

The more business problems we can solve for our customers, the more we can learn to help businesses in our future portfolio succeed.

So our customers get unmatched support.

We build our capability and future portfolio.

And our customers rave about us (I hope they do anyway).

Sounds like a big win-win to me!



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