Harness The Power of Mammoth™️ With Advanced Colossal Support.


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✔ Training Videos

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Mammoth Access™️

What's involved with Mammoth™ Access.

We set your business up in Mammoth™, which is powered by HighLevel.

Mammoth™ is a state-of-the-art sales and marketing pipeline CRM.

Never lose a lead, delegate tasks, track leads and record phone conversations and more!

Training Videos

What's involved with the Training Videos.

Training videos are provided for you and your team so you can work with speed and autonomy with Mammoth™ on an ongoing basis.

Bespoke Training

What's involved with the Bespoke Training.

Some plans include initial bespoke training for you and your team, so your business can start reaping the benefits of this powerful platform.

Advanced Support

What's involved with the Advanced Support.

Plans include ongoing a range of support types so your business gets what it needs from Mammoth™.

Different tiers have different levels of support.

Higher tiers include more advanced support, such as complex automation build outs to automate and support your business.


Mammoth™ Lite

For Small Start-Up Businesses
$ 147 monthly
  • Mammoth Access
  • Mammoth Training Videos
  • Basic Support

Mammoth™ Plus

For Established Small Businesses
Coming soon
  • Mammoth Access
  • Mammoth Training Videos
  • Advanced Support

Mammoth™ Ultimate

For Priority Support & Complex Builds
Coming soon
  • Mammoth Access
  • Mammoth Training Videos
  • Priority Advanced Support and Complex Builds

Mammoth™ Enterprise

For Large Businesses
  • Mammoth Access
  • Mammoth Training Videos
  • Priority Advanced Support and Complex Builds


What Are Usage Charges?

HighLevel charges us for usage on phone numbers, phone calls, text messages and emails.

We do not include any mark-up on excess usage charges.

What Is The Difference In Support Between Mammoth™ Plus and Mammoth™ Ultimate?

Mammoth™ Plus comes with Advanced Support. This includes build outs on basic automations, such as lead notifications and automatic emails and text messages to your leads.

Mammoth™ Ultimate comes with Priority Advanced Support and Complex Builds. This means that your business's build out requests are always prioritised and advanced automations and functionality is included, such as calendar booking functionality with automatic pipeline stage updates.

Don't know what all these words mean? No problem, that's why businesses work with us! Contact us to learn more, even if you just want some questions answered while you conduct your research.

Where Can I Learn More About HighLevel?

You can read more on HighLevel's website.

Can I Just Pay For HighLevel Myself Instead?

Yes, you can. However, because we get wholesale pricing we are able to provide the Mammoth™ at a more competitive rate.

That aside, businesses use Mammoth™ not just for the platform, but for the advanced level of support. Achieve business outcomes faster and with less time and effort on your part.


Speak with us about Mammoth™.